Window and Door Foils and Wraps

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Our foils and wraps have been specially designed to change the look of any existing PVC, UPVC, or Aluminium Window and Door.

With complete ease of installation, you can instantly brighten up your property by simply applying the foil to any window or door frame.

foils and wraps

NW Window Repairs Foils and Wraps

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Our Foils and Wraps can be easily and quickly installed, without any of the fuss or mess associated with the traditional spray painting process.

There is no costly installation where large and heavy compressors, expensive spray guns and equipment is needed, and where you require years of experience in setting the equipment up correctly to get the optimal finish.

Remember: This is NOT an automotive car vinyl wrapping!

With our unique foil system designed for Windows and Doors, all you need is a squeegy sponge, low cost heat gun, craft knife, and a day to apply the foil wrap.

With its long lasting durability in all elements, and including the UV protection, you will be able to enjoy beautiful looking windows and doors for many years to come. You will not have the hassle or expensive of a new installation cost, which is attached to replacement windows and doors

This product is also safe for the environment.

Foils and Wraps

With our unique self adhessive foil for Windows and Doors, our products can be fitted in a day or two, depending on the size of your frames.

The foils have been specially designed so that any competent DIY enthusiast will be able to install them on their own, with out any fuss at all.

You can purchase the foils in different meter sized packages, depending on the size of your windows or doors.

This product is available in all of the RAL U Colours, and in many different textures. Looking for a flat wood grain effect? A Digital leather? Carbon fibre look? With our Self Addhesive foils, you can have them all!

Whatever you require, we will love to help make your property stand out from the crowd.

Foils and Wraps

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